Wednesday, May 16, 2018

100 Years Of America’s top 10 Companies

Who  do you think the 10 top companies will be in 100 years?

Will they be the same companies? 

What industries? 
  • 3D
  • AI
  • VR
  • Energy /food/water 
  • Hybrid of banking , communication and tech
  • ??
  • ??

What do you think the value will be ?
  • 1920 - $5-10b 
  • 1980 - $50b - 100b
  • 2020 - $500b - 1tril
  • 2050  - ??
  • 3000  - ??

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Business as usual for SMEs looking to invest in r and d and claim the r&d tax incentive

  • So what is this R and D incentive 

it is basically a cash rebate to incentivise you for developing innovative products and services. 

It provides a rebate of between 13.5% to 41.5%

So if you spend $100,000 on developing a new product or service or innovating,
you could get back between $13,500 and $43,500 depending on your Companys' profitability.
(limited to $4m per year) 

  • Are you Eligible 

If you are 

  • an Australian Company
  • Undertake R&D Activities in Australia 
  • Spend Over $20k 


ps ... if you are 3 years old and your turnover is greated than $1.5m there are a whole host of other grants you can claim 

  • SME's don't claim for a whole host of reasons


  • They dont have adequate systems to record R&D activities
  • They do not know what R&D actually is (the legislation is very murky and difficult to interpret - even by the experts 
  • They don't know what they don't know 

Some research indicates that at least 50% of SMES undertake R&D activities and could potentially claim this incentive - but only 1% do!

  • The Risk

Funds from the budget have been allocated to crackdown on non-compliance and rorting , so you need to ensure you have your ts crossed and is dotted 

Budget 2018 Changes 

  • Changes to percentages to be claimed with companies whose turnover is greater than 20m - giving more to those who spend more on r and d as a percentage of revenue .
  • Caps on spend 
  • Those that claim - names and amounts will be published 
  • Bigger budget to be spent on compliance - so ensure you have your claim verified and auditable! 

Let me know if you want a referral to the best r and d consultants in the country! 

Friday, May 04, 2018

Jennifer Zanich - 10xing startups

Andrew Ryan -

Entrepreneurs and new Aussie jobs

Jennifer Zanich: UNSW has a clear picture of entrepreneurship

With a decade in Silicon Valley under her belt, Jennifer Zanich knows her way around startup culture, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

She has recently started a role as head of Global Partnerships and Ecosystems, in the Department of Entrepreneurship, at the University of New South Wales, where she designed and led programs like the Founders 10X Accelerator, which identifies high potential startups within the University environment.

“UNSW has had an entrepreneurship initiative for the last five years,” she said. “We have a clear picture for everyone, staff and students, to embed the entrepreneur mindset in their learning and day to day.”

The idea behind embedding these values within staff and students is that the techniques used, such as problem-solving, resilience and the use of frameworks have value for everyone within the learning environment.

With the Founders 10X Accelerator, the University runs a ten week program for high-potential companies within the university. According to Ms Zanich, they’ve so far had unique ideas such as wearable technology in the form of a motorcycle helmet that improves rider reaction time, an asteroid prospecting company that looks for viable mineral reserves in space, and a domestic service designed to give parents back valuable me-time.

“When it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, we’re looking at it from both the domestic perspective, and the global perspective,” she said.

From a domestic point of view, the program is looking at how the university participates in the local startup ecosystem, and what sort of corporate partnerships should be involved. Microsoft is already on board as a partner in the Founder Lab program.

From a global perspective, the university is working with other international educational institutions and venture capital firms. A partnership has been developed with Berkley University in the US, with the international entrepreneurship program, designed to give startups with international aspirations a ‘soft landing’ when they arrive.

“These partnerships ensure the startups get the benefits of being in an international environment, and they’re not just stumbling around,” she said.

Jobs and innovation for the future

The entrepreneurship mindset that UNSW wants to instill in staff and students has a broader application to the Australian economy, and in particular to the future of jobs.

Ms Zanich said that there needed to be a change in the nature of the conversation around jobs in Australia, particularly with the rise of digitisation, automation and machine intelligence.

“There needs to be some leadership here, and a change in the dialogue,” she said. “[Governments] need to discuss the changing nature of jobs, and not lead with the rhetoric around jobs are going to be lost.”

We already know the workforce is morphing rapidly, she said, and that as students graduate there’s going to be a different workforce. This workforce is one where jobs for life don’t exist, and people could have three jobs in a week, let alone in the course of a decade.

“As a nation, we still don’t have any real vision about that,” she observed.

This is why an entrepreneurial outlook is vital for Australians, because those people with that view will be able to adapt and learn, and adjust to the jobs that are coming in the future.

“Right now the government has some focus in digital initiatives, such as promoting STEM, but the piece that is missing is the entrepreneurial skills, the softer skills and the founder focus,” she said.

“We need to cater for the next generation, and deliver students with the experience and abilities to determine, or create their own career outcome.”

Those people with an entrepreneurial mindset will go on to found start-ups, which are an increasingly valuable part of the economy, or become great leaders in industry.

“The debate needs to be lifted to the top levels of the country,” she said. “The focus on technology and innovation is absolutely vital for the ongoing prosperity of this country.”

The University of New South Wales is a valued partner of and a co-presenter of the Budget Insider 2018event being held on the evening of May 8 to coincide with Treasurer Scott Morrison's third federal budget. Seats are limited so please book here to attend this policy soiree

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Oovvuu raises $3.8m

Oovvuu has just closed a $3.8m round led by CapitalPitch and Cygnet Capital.


Ricky was a headline keynote at the IBM conference in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Founded in 2014 by former Fairfax Media and broadcast executives, Oovvuu combines ground-breaking proprietary technology with IBM Watson AI capabilities to match video from 75 global broadcasters with articles from publishers in 143 countries in near-real time.

The company’s mission is to insert contextually-relevant videos into news articles on trusted news sources around the world. Despite the video consumption boom, only seven per cent of news articles currently feature relevant videos.

“Oovvuu is one of the most exciting companies we’ve ever seen, with the potential to disrupt the advertising duopoly of Facebook and Google on a global scale.” Say Emlyn Scott , CEO of Capital Pitch 

We believe Australia needs more technology startups like Canva and Oovvuu; globally competitive companies that solve massive problems, scale up and create jobs. 

Watch “my Recruitment Plus” and “referron” 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Canva raises $50m and is on acquisition trail - Zeetings 1st cab off the rank

Robert Kawalsky (Zeetimgs) and Melanie Perkins (Zeetimgs)

A few months on from raising a US$40 million ($51 million) round that saw its valuation push past the $1 billion mark, online design startup Canva is on the acquisition trail! 

Canva’s CEO Melanie Perkins is using its financial clout to acquire great teams - and technology along the way.

This bodes well for Australia’s start up industry - in need for innovative growth tech companies. 

One such team is Zeetings

Founded by Robert Kawalsky, Tony Surtees, Neill Miller, and Adam Schuck - with $2m of capital raised - and 1million people having used the technology in 50 countries since 2015. Zeetings allows users to add interactive elements such as polls and group chats to presentations, which participants can engage with through their own device.

(Ivan’s comment ...Their biggest asset is the amazing team of humans .... Robert, Tony, Neill and Adam are awesome !!!)

Canva has been doubling its headcount each year since launching. This year it intends to go from 280 people to more than 400..

Canva focuses on building small teams who work together to solve problems, set smart goal and achieve them! These teams are capable of making their own decisions.

“It's been incredibly important to find the right people, people that think like a founder and are passionate to solve problems and are capable of making their own decisions." Says Melanie

This is a model for the future, and will bear well for a great growth path for Canva ! 

Onwards and upwards !!

Monday, April 23, 2018

How to start a startup

  1. Have a vision
  2. Find the pain
  3. Create the pain killer 
  4. Test it with 100 people 
  5. Find funding from fff (fools family and friends)
  6. Get 1000 users
  7. get to 10000 users
  8. Grow grow grow 
  9. Refine - pivot - refine - pivot 
  10. Find the  magic formula 
  11. Find Vc funding
  12. Spend it And Make mistakes
  13. Find the magic formula
  14. Start scaling with series A finding
  15. 100,000 users
  16. Roll out internationally
  17. Series B funding
  18. Reach the tipping point 
  19. Year later - overnight success
  20. Yayayay